Notes from KAA meeting

Following last nights, Thursday 6th Oct, meeting, please note the following:

Scores returns: As previously stated there is a 4 way Indoor county match planned, so please remind all archers to submit all scores to the county via Archr. The reason we want all scores is to enable the selectors to ascertain current form. When submitting remember to include a copy of the result sheet for tournaments to verify the score, failure to do so means that it will be recorded as a practice round.

Subscriptions: Thank you to all clubs and individuals who have submitted their subs, a gentle reminder to those clubs that their returns are due and please remember to include the fee calculator or individual form as well as the AGB list of members.

Kent Club Tournaments: We are in the process of developing the calendar on the website to include tournaments run by Kent clubs, please forward the name of your shoot with the date for it to be included.

On the same note we are pleased to announce that in the summer of 2023 we will be holding the WA720 and the WA1440. Further details will be available once available.