Links to County Records can be found in the table below. They can also be accessed by logging in to your Golden Records account.

Indoor RecordsOutdoor RecordsField Records
BarebowBarebow All Bow Styles

Record claims

To claim a record, fill in a claim form and send it with your highlighted results sheet directly to the records officer. Only scores shot at club or open competitions will be considered. Practice scores are not valid. Claims must be submitted within six months of the date of the shoot.

All record claims need to be ratified by the KAA committee at committee meetings, which take place at approximately two-month intervals.

Score tracking & team selection

KAA uses individual archer submissions via Golden Records to track scores and select Kent teams. Score submission is open to all KAA members and scores do not need to meet a particular threshold to be entered into Golden Records.

To use Golden Records obtain a log in ID by emailing the records officer stating your bow-style, age you turn during the year (or DOB), and AGB number. For Guidance on using Golden Records see the Golden Records Guidance Notes.