Club information


If you want to take up archery, or simply want to find out whether it really is as interesting at it looks,the best thing is to go to a local club:

Most run beginners’ courses to teach you the basics and will supply a bow, arrows and other accessories for use during the course. Availability of beginners’ courses varies from club to club and depends on local demand and the availability of suitable trainers; they are often organised at very short notice, so it is not currently practical to hold a central list of courses – you will need to check with the individual club.

Once you have completed a course, you have the opportunity of becoming a member of the club and to start the journey to the gold.

As a member, they will advise you what equipment should best suit you (and your budget). Don’t be tempted to go and buy your own equipment beforehand – it is likely to be an expensive mistake!

Some clubs do also run “Have-a-Go” events at local festivals, fairs and so on, but these normally only give you a relatively brief taster.