KAA Club Guides

The club guides below are published by the KAA to help clubs and archers in completing certain administrative functions.

These club guides do not involve the KAA compelling clubs or members to do or not do anything – they exist to provide advice on some of the more complex issues that clubs face. However, some of them include advice about ArcheryGB policies and processes and UK law, which are mandatory.

KAA Official

KAA Policies and Procedure Manual

The Policies and Procedures below are approved by Kent Archery Association to give members guidance in their dealings with KAA

The contents of each part of this manual are a direct copy of the standalone document currently here on the KAA web site and the reason that the documents have been reformatted is to enable individual aspects of each part to be addressed to enable these policies to evolve in a changing environment.

Official Documents

The documents below are published by the KAA so that its members are aware of what those policies are and how they can be changed.

If you have any queries or constructive suggestions for improvement, please contact the officer indicated against each policy; please note that the process for changing official documents is explained in “Policy – Policy Review & Amendments”.

Document NamePDF
Part 1: Policy Review and Amendment :
Part 2: Membership:
Part 3: Championships and Tournaments:
Part 4: County Records:
Part 5: Score Returns and Team Selection
Part 7: Awards of Merit
Part 8: Awards Assessment
Part 9: Safeguarding Children, Young People & Vulnerable Adults
Part 10: County Team Selection Panel:
Part 11: Awards Assessment Panel
Part 12: County team selection procedureTeam Selection

KAA Drafts

Circulated Draft Documents

The draft documents below are published by the KAA for consultation only, prior to a committee decision on whether the changes should be adopted. The full process for making changes to the Association’s policies, including the consultation period, is described in “KAA Policy – Policy Review and Amendments“.

The reasons for particular changes will be described in a separate news article on the home page. All substantive changes will be highlighted so that you can easily see what is proposed. Occasionally it might be necessary to make changes for more than one unrelated reason; in this case, we will try to distinguish between the separate sets of changes in the highlighting and description.