Club Development

Development takes many forms and can include the development of:

  • individual archers as competitors or as leisure participants
  • clubs (e.g. organisation; understanding legal requirements, restrictions, and opportunities; interaction with each other; more clubs in areas of the county where there are few; etc.)
  • the county association (e.g. organisation; professionalism; proficiency at running events and teams; ability to help clubs develop; etc.)
  • the sport (e.g. external marketing; delivering what the general public wants; making more forms of the sport available; etc.)

While some of this comes under the general heading of “coaching” and therefore should be dealt with by those who are qualified or experienced in that field, much of it relates to our capabilities in running the sport, making the sport more attractive and attracting new members. If you have ideas about what the county association can do to help you or your club, or what it can do to improve its own position in the sport, then please feel free to contact the County Development Officer with your suggestions.

This ought to become the most important part of the website but to achieve that, we need input from our members and clubs.

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