The Kent Archery Association (KAA) is run entirely on a volunteer basis and does not have a dedicated office. Because of this all contact by post or telephone is to members’ private addresses and telephone numbers.

If any member of the KAA or of any of its associated clubs wishes to contact the committee, your club secretary has full details. These details are sent to each club secretary and Direct Member at the end of each year, following the Association’s AGM and during the year if there are any further changes. Contact information is also available from the Southern Counties Archery Society (SCAS) directory (a.k.a. “The Green Book”). For information about tournaments run by the KAA, please refer to the tournament organiser shown on the respective entry form.

We do not publish the private postal or email addresses of members on this website.

ChairmanMarc Carollchairman@archerykent.org.uk
SecretarySarah Carollsecretary@archerykent.org.uk
TreasurerC/o Presidenttreasurer@archerykent.org.uk
PresidentBob Beaneypresident@archerykent.org.uk
County Captain
KAA Team ManagerHannah Browncaptain@archerykent.org.uk
Target Tournament Organiser
Child Protection OfficerAnita Bailycpo@archerykent.org.uk
Records OfficerMel Bruguierrecords@archerykent.org.uk
Development OfficerVacant
Equipment OfficerMike Higginsequipment@archerykent.org.uk
KAF ChairmanGeoff Barkerkaf-chairman@archerykent.org.uk
SCAS Rep 1Bob Beaneyscas-rep1@archerykent.org.uk
SCAS Rep 2Neil Dimmockscas-rep2@archerykent.org.uk
SCAS Rep 3Anita Bailyscas-rep3@archerykent.org.uk
WA 720 Tournament OrganiserLewis Brownto-720@archerykent.org.uk
Clout Tournament OrganiserVacantto-clout@archerykent.org.uk
Para Tournament OrganiserC/o SCCA para-archery@archerykent.org.uk
Field Tournament OrganiserC/o KAFkaf-events@archerykent.org.uk
Indoor Tournament OrganiserVacantto-indoor@archerykent.org.uk
Longbow Tournament OrganiserC/o West Kent AC