Below is the contact for the current KAA committee, we are here to help archery in kent.

Position Name Email
Chairman Bob Beaneychairman@archerykent.org.uk
Secretary Chris Horan secretary@archerykent.org.uk
PresidentDerrick Lovell president@archerykent.org.uk
County CaptainPeter Dallas captain@archerykent.org.uk
Development Officer
Equipment Officer
KAF Chairman
KAF Secretary
KAF Treasurer
Member 1
Member 2
Para archery
Records Officer
SCAS Rep 1
SCAS Rep 2
SCAS Rep 3
WA 720 Tournament Organiser Tony Harris to-720@archerykent.org.uk
Clout Tournament Organiser
Disability Tournament Organiser
Field Tournament Organiser
Indoor Tournament Organiser Gordon Brown to-indoor@archerykent.org.uk
Longbow Tournament Organiser
Target Tournament Organiser
WebmasterOliver Bourne webmaster@archerykent.org.uk