KAA Tournaments 2020

Upcoming Events:
KAA Invitation Coming SoonVigo RFC GroundComing Soon
KAA County MatchComing Soon Vigo RFC Ground
KAA Long Bow EventComing SoonWest Kent Archery SocietyComing Soon
KAA WA 1440Coming SoonVigo RFC Ground Coming Soon
KAA WA 720 + H2HComing SoonVigo RFC GroundComing Soon
Invictia SpringboardComing SoonFox ArchersComing Soon
KAA Para-Archery ChampionshipComing SoonSittingbourneComing Soon
KAA Target ChmapionshipComing Soon Vigo RFC Ground Coming Soon
KAA Clout ChampionshipComing SoonRamsgateComing Soon
KAA Field ChampionshipComing SoonKAF Woodstock, Nr SittingbourneComing Soon
KAA Indoor ChampionshipComing SoonTenterdenComing Soon

KAA Tournaments results 2019

KAA Invitation Sunday 12 MayVigo RFC GroundResults
KAA County MatchComing Soon Vigo RFC Ground Results
KAA Long Bow EventSunday 2nd JuneWest Kent Archery SocietyResults
KAA WA 1440Sunday 9th June Vigo RFC Ground Results
KAA WA 720 + H2HSunday 7th July Vigo RFC Ground Results
Invictia SpringboardSunday 21st JulyFox ArchersResults
KAA Para-Archery ChampionshipSaturday 27th JulySittingbourneResults
KAA Target ChmapionshipSunday 18th August Vigo RFC GroundResults
KAA Clout ChampionshipSunday 22nd SeptemberRamsgateResults
KAA Field ChampionshipSunday 13th octoberKAF Woodstock, Nr SittingbourneResults
KAA Indoor ChampionshipSunday 26th January TenterdenEntry Form

Invitation Shoot

All invitations have been sent out for the KAA invitation tournament. For any issues or questions please contact the county captain at captain@archerykent.org.uk.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Us

The Kent Archery Association (KAA) was formed in 1953 and was responsible for the whole of the county of Kent as it then existed. Its purpose was primarily administrative, collecting affiliation fees for the national governing body (the Grand National Archery Society (GNAS)), coordinating training for officials and coaches, organising county championships and team tournaments and maintaining county records.

Some 60 years on, the county boundaries have changed, but the KAA is still responsible for the same area, so certain clubs in some of the south-east London boroughs fall inside its domain. It is also still responsible for the same administrative work, but its developmental role is steadily gaining in importance and it has recently started working closely with the Kent County Council Sports Development Unit. Together we will be looking at ways of developing archery in the county:

  • attracting and keeping new members,
  • helping and advising clubs that want to develop and grow and
  • bringing archery to a wider audience in schools, colleges and other community groups.

The KAA Operational Committee is elected each year at the association’s AGM. The AGM and the bi-monthly committee meetings are open to all KAA members and clubs are encouraged to send a representative to see the work that is done on their behalf – details of meetings are sent to all club secretaries and are also shown in the current year’s diary.

It is important to understand that, although archery is moving towards including a fully professional circuit, at club and county levels it is still overwhelmingly an amateur sport and is likely to remain so for the foreseeable future. Thus all members of the KAA and its committee are unpaid volunteers, who have to balance the work that they do for the sport with the demands of professional and home life.

Some years ago coaching administration was delegated to the Invicta Coaching Group and they are responsible for certain areas of the coach training and renewals processes. They run winter workshops to help coaches gain experience and work with the KAA Operational Committee to develop the abilities of archers who show potential for the county team. Additionally they run an annual tournament aimed specifically at novice and developing archers.