Golden Records goes Live

Please share with all club members and Kent members.

Score Submission – new online platform

The score keeping programme is not being maintained so has fallen behind Archery GB’s changes to rounds, handicaps, & classifications.As a result, KAA have had to switch to a different platform: Golden Records.

Golden Records is up to date and is actively maintained.  It also includes field rounds, which were never catered for on 

Existing Kent records and ARCHR scores have been transferred to Golden records.  Scores that were submitted by clubs and individuals, since January 2022, have also been uploaded to Golden Records. Scores for 2023 havehad their handicap and classification updated in line with Archery GB.

To enable this,all Kent archers who have submitted scores in the past 18 months, either directly or via club record officers, have had a new Golden Records account created.

Golden Records is now live!

Next Steps:

Archers who previously supplied an email address in order to use will be sent an email with log in details. will not accept new scores from 9th August.

Those who previously relied on their club records officer are asked to email the KAA records officer:


The responsibility to submit scores lies with individual archers NOT club records officers. This change was made in 2020 because very few clubs were submitting scores so talented archers may have felt overlooked.

All scores should have proof attached,e.g., an official competition results sheet, an IANSEO screenshot, a signed scoresheet (app generated or paper based).

When selecting Kent teams,the selection committee will give priority to proven scores.

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